Minecraft 2 on the Horizon?


minecraft2The beauty of Minecraft is it’s game that you make what you want out of it. The graphics aren’t intended to be fancy. If they were, they wouldn’t have made everything in block form. You take what is in front of you, you gather it and craft it to build what you want. You can make the game look as you want it and build it as fancy as you’d like.

Minecraft is still as popular as ever. Just last year they brought in over $240 Million in sales for titles on all platforms! When you have something that works and something people enjoy as much as Minecraft, you keep making it better. Mojang are still constantly updating the game with innovative new tools, materials, mobs, environments and basic game play. If there ever will be a Minecraft 2 (which many people seem to think so) it wont be for a very long time. If you haven’t bought Minecraft yet, don’t wait for the sequel, this will be going strong for a long time to come.

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